Subject Re: Lookup doens't work any more
From Dirk <>
Date Wed, 6 Nov 2019 15:27:26 +0100
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Op 5/11/2019 om 11:06 schreef Mervyn Bick:
> On 2019-11-04 4:09 PM, Dirk wrote:
>> Goodday,
>> since day and night use a datamodule in a programm,
>> now suddently got follow msg :: database Engine Error : Capablitity
>> not supported c:\..QSQLOOO.DBF
>> when i click further :(ignore) no fields were found to process :
>> mainstamm.DMD
>> after a while i get errors on *.WFM file
>> and finally i get the form can apppend, but don't get the lookup
>> tables ( can not chose)
>> use 12.xx version
>> when i use the source everthing works normal
>> this parts of dmd gives error
>>   with (this.STAMMDAT1.rowset)
>>        with (fields["Province"])
>>           lookupSQL = "select area,area from euroregions order by area"
>>        endwith
> ......
>>        with (fields["TAAL"])
>>           lookupSQL = "select idtaal,naam from taal order by naam"
>>        endwith
>>        autoEdit = false
>>     endwith
>> but yesteray i had to give rights to some directories
>> what can be wrong
>> thanks
>> Dirk
> dBASE should delete the temporary _QSL tables when the program closes.
> In some cases is does and in others it misses them.  It is a good idea
> to clear them out manually from time to time do avoid running out of
> available numbers.  If you make sure that no two programs place these
> files in the same folder you could write the housekeeping routine into
> the application's onOpen event handler thereby ensuring you start with a
> clean slate each time.
> I've never actually had a situation where a _QSL table has not been
> created because dBASE has run out of available numbers but the error
> message doesn't look right for that situation.
> Your lookupSQL statements, apart from the one for the TAAL field, look
> suspect and this is far more likely to give rise to the reported error.
> lookupSQL is usually (but of course not always) used to display text in
> place of an ID number stored in a field in a table.  The text to be
> displayed is fetched from a different table by specifying the fields in
> the second table which contain the ID no and the text.  If your main
> table stores, say, 2 in the TAAL field then the display of that record
> will show "English" if a record in the TAAL table has 2 in its idtaal
> field and "English" in its naam field.
> All your other lookupSQL statements select one fieldname twice from the
> lookup table.  While one can select a field more than once in a query's
> select statement it's meaningless in a lookupSQL situation and this is
> probably what has given rise to the 'Capability not supported' error.
> You don't need an ORDER BY clause in a lookupSQL statement and this may
> be contributing to the error.
> If each lookup table only has two fields, the Id no and the value to be
> returned, then you can use
> with (fields["Province"])
>     lookupSQL = "select * from from euroregions"
> endwith
> If the lookup field and the return field are not the first two fields in
> the lookup table or if there are other fields in the table then you need
> to specify the two fields.
> Mervyn.


   thanks for the additional information about Lookup.sql

   so far all is working fine

   i suppose my problem was working a bit around windows account and
    delete all kind of files and clean up a bit the register...(early
morning, belgian time)

   untill i got the idea to run it as administrator (altought i am user
with adminstrator rights), an dit s was working like before

  and now, digging a bit into the windows world, i am looking for some
websites about programming windows...
  it's a ever ending story..
   do you perhaps know some useable sites, thand in advance