Subject Re: Font in INI file
From wjs <>
Date Thu, 10 Oct 2019 01:19:23 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2019-10-09 10:43 AM, Vincenzo Manzo wrote:
> Good morning
> I purchased the 2019 dbase version and unfortunately I realized that the parameter in the INI point files
> [DefaultFonts]
> Controls = MS SANS SERIF, 12
> does not work (works up to dbase12 version)
> I also tried the functions described in the help
> [Desktop]
> MenuFontName = Times New Roman
> MenuFontSize = 15
> and even these don't work.
> Why can you help me?
> Thanks

Here is Kathy's answer to my question about the same issue in the
bug-reports NG:

Hi wian,

This is working for me.

But, it is not [DefaultFonts] in dBASE  2019 ... it is [DefaultFont]

Not sure why the change but, also there is a new setting called

For the Navigator a new setting called 'Application'

For Control Defaults (like Text, TextLabel, Pushbutton etc. object)
FontName and FontSize it is 'Controls'.

These are set when you add a new control to a form or Report. Example:


Application=Times New Roman, 13

Controls=Times New Roman, 12

- Kathy

wjs wrote:

> In previous dBase versions I have the below entry in the dBASE *.ini
> [DefaultFonts]
> Controls=Times New Roman,9
> This allows for all controls to inherit the font to whatever the font
is set to.
> This has no effect in the new 2019 version
> Wian