Subject Re: Font Selection
From Lee Grant <>
Date Fri, 6 Sep 2019 00:42:20 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


I think you're on the right track with this....from what I could discern
from his "English", is he's trying to do just what you show, and have
the last names of the record display in a certain type of bold font
(perhaps colored even) to differentiate the salary ranges by essentially
color/bold font coding the name.

Agree, that it makes no sense to store it, unless he's trying to save
the data of the bolding in a blob for an html like encoding...not sure
of abilities being limited also in understanding of using a
blob binary field..but that's what it sounds like to me anyway.


On 9/6/2019 12:08 AM, Ken Mayer wrote:
> On 9/5/2019 6:35 PM, Ivan Benttini wrote:
>> I have 25.000 records to change different last names records to
>> different types of BOLD fonts base upon their salaries, will be
>> easiest to this programmatically then for me to go into the table and
>> change the property of every record on the field name Last name ( lna
>> ), sorry for my lock of good English in not explain to you all's
>> understanding, my fault.
>> The user with the help of a pushbutton event change that, since as
>> salary will continue to change the font name and type will change also.
>> Not my saying or doing but this was the request of the CFO to my boss,
>> I am just the peon bit of programmer here, trying to do a voluntary
>> work for this voluntary hospital that takes care mental ill people too
>> poor to go to better facilities where they have better software planing.
>> If you stop helping me, I don't known how to resolve that,
>> that is all I am saying.  I thank you for your free and kind time that
>> you have spend with me, never the less, even after purchase your books
>> I still struggling to date in just going thru the English and then
>> concept,
>> , not because of your writing talent but for my poor English skill.
>> Have a nice weekend sir.
> Do you need these on the screen, or in a report? You can set a condition
> that says "if the salary is > than some amount" (or less than or equal
> to) then change the fontBold property ... I am still not sure why you
> are trying to store this in the table. It doesn't make any sense.
> Is it truly necessary to store some method of making the name bold in
> the data itself?
> If you have multiple conditions, you may want to use colors, or
> something ... you could do:
> do case
>     case salary > 5000
>          ...
>     and so on ...
> endcase
> So lay out the details. What *EXACTLY* do you need? I think trying to
> put it in the table is the wrong approach.
> Ken