Subject Re: Setup program disappearing
From Charlie <>
Date Sun, 18 Aug 2019 17:22:48 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

OK I figured it out.  The program is probably not in the registry and that is causing the problem.  I went into defender, found the instance of them removing my program and opted to allow.  Now it works fine.  This happened after a big windows upload so this will probably happen to others.

Charlie Wrote:

> OK I found out what is causing this.  Windows defender things it's a trojan virus and is deleting it.  I was able to undelete it through defender.  Anyone know of a way to tell defender it is a program and not a virus???
> Charlie Wrote:
> > Hi.. I have a satellite computer that is working off of my main computer.  i ran a setup file and it has worked for over a year with no problems.  All of a sudden it seems to be spitting the setup file out.  If you go on the computer you can only find a tcos folder.  The icons are gone and twice I have had to set it up again.  I'm wondering if this could be related to a new windows update or something?  I've just cleaned the computer as well as possible, run anti virus on it and even trying to defrag it.  I'm going to try running setup again and  hopefully all that will correct the problem.  If anyone has heard any similar problems please let me know.  Thanks!