Subject Re: invoice error myfieldtext5 and Order Date
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invald>
Date Fri, 16 Aug 2019 10:17:24 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2019-08-16 8:54 AM, Prem Shah wrote:
> Thank You for your reply . Appriiciate .
> but the question is as it is....i am doing your tutorial project.
> i also seen not any mistake but i can't find ... (please forgive me for bad english)...will do it from begginning of the report invoice. ... unfortunatly... the evalution copy is about to expire in one or two day's.
> I appriaiate your effort to make very nice concept and software...
> Please provide me the learning material for codeing... or just let me inform where to get.
> i will surely by dbase 2019 after completing full study. if i am not seen on these site please reply me on mail id or give me browser link for this site .

I didn't realise that the code came from the tutorial.  There is a
separate newsgroup for the tutorial and if you had posted the message
there Ken Mayer, who wrote the original tutorial, would probably have
answered you by now.  He lives on the West coast of America so he has
probably already gone to bed as it is after midnight there as I write this.

I haven't looked at the tutorial literally for years so I'm not really
the best person to answer you but as time is running out for you trial
period for dBASE I'll try.

In your first message you said the Order Date codeblock showed an error.
  The first place to look then is there. The codeblock should look
exactly like the code shown below.

    with (this.STREAMSOURCE1.GROUP1.headerBand.MYFIELDTEXT2)
       text = {||"Order Date: "+form.streamsource1.rowset.fields["Order

The codeblock may be shown on two lines in this message but it must all
be on one line in your program.

The tutorial is probably the best way to learn to code in dBASE.  It is
structured so that each step builds on what has gone before.  It can
not, of course, cover all aspects of programming but it will certainly
give you a very good start.  These newsgroups should be able to solve
any problems that you come across.

The tutorial points to articles in the knowledgebase on the dBASE
website.  Ken has also written some books on programming in dBASE and
there are a worthwhile investment.  You can get details from his website