Subject Re: Is there a limit for # of fields in IF statement
From Ruth Bromer <>
Date Wed, 10 Jul 2019 12:27:15 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Thanks, Mervyn. I'm getting nearly done.


On 7/9/2019 5:26 AM, Mervyn Bick wrote:
> On 2019-07-09 4:21 AM, Ruth Bromer wrote:

> It looks great.  Perhaps all you need now is some titles on the page
> template above each streamframe.
> The entry for Donald Pitchford was extending over onto the next
> streamframe.  There was still some space on the page template below the
> streamframes so I have increased the streamframe heights.  Problem
> solved. :-)  The revised version is attached as packet4.rep.

I didn't notice that Donald's went to a second page.  Thanks for fixing

> In an earlier message you mentioned that changes you made didn't work
> until you had closed and reopened dBASE.  This happens when you save a
> form or report under a new name but don't change the classname (in the
> bootstrap code and in the class definition) in the new file.  The old
> classname code is still in memory when you run the new report and dBASE
> uses this rather than the revised code for the new report.  Closing
> dBASE removes the old classname code from memory and when you run the
> new report the new code is placed in memory.

That must have been the issue.

> I have revised screener.prg to use packet2.dbf as it's source to build
> the t_orders.dbf for the report. The revised screener.prg and
> screener.rep are attached.  I have not changed the names as they
> directly replace the earlier versions.
> You mention that dBASE 12.3.1 is not stable.  I have had a few cases
> where dBASE has quietly folded it's tent and stolen away quietly in the
> night.  I have, however, not been able to pinpoint the cause so that it
> can be replicated.  Without being able to repeat the problem at will
> there is not much point in posting a bug report.  As for crashing
> Windows, my computer has been running for over 11 days according to the
> Task Manager.  And it only needed to be restarted 11 days ago because we
> had a power failure. :-)

There are errors that occur in my code that dBase basically freaks out
about and usually I can just close it down.  Occasionally I have to
actually shut my computer down.

>> Thanks for so much help.
> My pleasure.
> Mervyn.