Subject Re: Is there a limit for # of fields in IF statement
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invald>
Date Tue, 9 Jul 2019 11:26:08 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2019-07-09 4:21 AM, Ruth Bromer wrote:
> I finally have a report, very close to what I want.  Maybe it's even done.
> I've attached the report, table, and pdf. Ignore the extensions
> (packet2, packet3).  When I'm completely satisfied, there will only be
> one version.  I'm not ready to discard old versions yet.

It looks great.  Perhaps all you need now is some titles on the page
template above each streamframe.

The entry for Donald Pitchford was extending over onto the next
streamframe.  There was still some space on the page template below the
streamframes so I have increased the streamframe heights.  Problem
solved. :-)  The revised version is attached as packet4.rep.

In an earlier message you mentioned that changes you made didn't work
until you had closed and reopened dBASE.  This happens when you save a
form or report under a new name but don't change the classname (in the
bootstrap code and in the class definition) in the new file.  The old
classname code is still in memory when you run the new report and dBASE
uses this rather than the revised code for the new report.  Closing
dBASE removes the old classname code from memory and when you run the
new report the new code is placed in memory.

I have revised screener.prg to use packet2.dbf as it's source to build
the t_orders.dbf for the report. The revised screener.prg and
screener.rep are attached.  I have not changed the names as they
directly replace the earlier versions.

You mention that dBASE 12.3.1 is not stable.  I have had a few cases
where dBASE has quietly folded it's tent and stolen away quietly in the
night.  I have, however, not been able to pinpoint the cause so that it
can be replicated.  Without being able to repeat the problem at will
there is not much point in posting a bug report.  As for crashing
Windows, my computer has been running for over 11 days according to the
Task Manager.  And it only needed to be restarted 11 days ago because we
had a power failure. :-)

> Thanks for so much help.

My pleasure.