Subject Re: format for .CSV file
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Date Wed, 12 Jun 2019 11:19:10 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

My suggestion is to get a sample/copy of the CSV file the other company
wants you to use.
I have run into issues several times that their CVS doesn't match the same
formatting as my CVS.
Akshat's suggestion of rolling your own is the way to go. Only get a sample
from them to confirm exactly how they want it.

"Matt Milner"  wrote in message news:x9NnjNSIVHA.1860@ip-AC1E04A7...

I use dBase Plus 12.
I am writing an interface between my software and that of another company.
They have asked for data to be transferred in .CSV format with the first
line containing the list of field names in comma delimited format.  They
have also stipulated that empty fields be represented by double quotes and
numeric fields have quotes around the numbers.  Is there a simple way for me
to comply?