Subject Re: Apache 2.4 on Win Server 2019
From Ronnie MacGregor <No_Sp@m.Thanks>
Date Sat, 11 May 2019 09:29:36 +0100
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

In article <SAS0MN3BVHA.700@ip-AC1E04A7>, says...

> I will be called out by someone who actually knows
> this stuff better than I do, and they will show us all how it's supposed to
> be done lol.

Since Mervyn is obviously having a morning snooze !! . . .

I think is probably in the dUFLP ?

It contains this function :

   function GetBDEConfigFileName()


      Romain Strieff

      February 2, 1999

      Returns the name of the currently used BDE Configuration file.

      Minor code fix by Lane Coddington

      2007/05/11 Marc Van den Berghen
         Changed to use structbase getansistring() function in place of unicode
         functions to provide correct behaviour with diacritical characters.


      local cRet, cBuffer                            

      cBuffer = new structbase(256)                
      cRet = cBuffer.getansistring( 53, 128)      

   return cRet

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