Subject Re: Apache 2.4 on Win Server 2019
From David Ball <>
Date Fri, 10 May 2019 17:00:17 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Well, just contact the webmaster like it says at the bottom lol.

Okay, so you are using Server 2019 as your development platform. And you are
running your dBASE web applications in c:\apache24\htdocs.

When you reinstalled PlusRun, did you change any of the paths?

What we want to do is find out where PlusRun.exe is looking for the BDE

At this point, I will confess my lack of mastery of this subject. It's only
when I got to the nitty-gritty that I realize that theory is great, but I'm
going to actually have to get my hands dirty here. And probably do things in
a cumbersome way, and I will be called out by someone who actually knows
this stuff better than I do, and they will show us all how it's supposed to
be done lol.

First we need to make sure we are looking at the correct IDAPI.CFG file.
That's what the BDE calls it's configuration file. I found 3 of them on this
I went to a Server 2019 that I have running. I am not impressed with the
desktop search - it could not find IDAPI.CFG (the BDE configuration file),
but I was able to find it manually, where it gets put by default:
C:\ProgramData\Common Files\Borland\BDE
I note that the file date for IDAPI.CFG is April 22, 2019.
Then I started the BDE Administrator; it should show up on your start menu
somewhere. If it got lost in the reinstall, you can find the file with
explorer and run it directly. If it's not there at all, then we have a new
and different problem.
I assume you are comfortable with using the BDE.
I created a new database, put in a location, and ... you want to have that
IDAPI.CFG explorer window open, and show file details so you see the file
date ... then save the BDE changes (Object / Apply on the menu). When I did
that, I watched the file date of the IDAPI.CFG and it changed to the current
date/time right before my eyes. Now I am sure that I am looking at the
correct IDAPI.CFG file. It is easily possible to have multiple versions of
IDAPI.CFG and I want to be sure I'm looking at the one in use. What we have
done here is verify that manually. If you make a change, save it and the
file date does not change, then we are not looking at the right IDAPI.CFG
(or Explorer is not updating in real-time, press F5 to refresh the window if
it does not update when you save the change.)
Assuming that you are looking at the right file:
While we're here at the BDE, let's go for it. Are there any databases other
than the one you created? Is there a DBASESAMPLES database? I assume that
the uninstaller would clean those up, but you never know. If there isn't
one, please create it, set the location you want, and apply the changes.
IDAPI.CFG file date should update again.
We can't guarantee that runtime is using that file yet, but at this point,
you might want to run the app again and see if we've found the correct BDE
config file. Full version may have been using a configuration under your
user account (and it had all the default databases), but when it was
uninstalled, you are now looking at the generic default IDAPI.CFG and we've
added the database that was not found previously by the runtime.

I will leave things at this point for now.

Please let us know what happens.


"Wayne Zimmerman"  wrote in message news:hQ4UVa2BVHA.700@ip-AC1E04A7...

ok, I uninstalled the full version and installed the runtime and getting the
same error. See attached file.

Wayne Zimmerman

David Ball Wrote:

> Hi Wayne
> Thanks for the additional information.
> > Should I uninstall the full dbase plus and reinstall only the runtime?
> Good question. Under most circumstances, you would want to have dBASE and
> all of your development stuff on a capable development machine at
> work/home;
> the server would normally only get what it needs - the runtime and BDE. I
> don\'t know your circumstances but you may want to have a look at that.
> It\'s
> very convenient having the full version right there, but it can be a
> security risk and then there are the licensing issues. It\'s also safer to
> do
> your testing on the development machine - in case anything goes horribly
> wrong, you don\'t want all your production data hosed. Upload stuff to the
> server only after it runs okay on the development machine (which means you
> need to set up Apache on your home machine).
> If you don\'t really need the full program there, I would say to remove it
> and reinstall the runtime. The runtime install includes an install of the
> BDE, so hopefully it may overwrite any registry/ini file stuff that is
> currently causing trouble. I am being optimistic here, and my apologies if
> this does not solve your issue. If it\'s still not working afterwards,
> then
> we can try to find what configuration files the dBASE runtime is using.
> Thanks
> David Ball
> \"Wayne Zimmerman\"  wrote in message news:eMKIvG1BVHA.700@ip-AC1E04A7...
> David wrote, It\'s good that your dBASE code is running, at least. It\'s
> possible that
> dBASE running under Apache can\'t find the \'correct\' BDE configuration
> file,
> the one with all the good database information. Is your Windows Server
> 2019
> running in a shared hosting environment perhaps?
> Should I uninstall the full dbase plus and reunstall only the runtime?
> Wayne Zimmerman
> David Ball Wrote:
> > Hi Wayne
> >
> > I need a few more details, please.
> >
> > I\'m not sure if you are talking about 2 different machines here or if
> > everything is installed on the one running Windows Server 2019.
> >
> > If it\'s all on one machine, you would have:
> > Windows Server 2019
> > Apache 2.2
> > dBASE 12.3 full install
> > BDE
> > (It\'s just a little unusual to see a dBASE full install on a server;
> > normally that\'s where you would install the dBASE Runtime.)
> >
> > If it\'s 2 separate machines, can you tell me what is installed where
> > please?
> >
> > It\'s good that your dBASE code is running, at least. It\'s possible
> > that
> > dBASE running under Apache can\'t find the \'correct\' BDE configuration
> > file,
> > the one with all the good database information. Is your Windows Server
> > 2019
> > running in a shared hosting environment perhaps?
> >
> > Thanks
> > David Ball
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > \"Wayne Zimmerman\"  wrote in message
> > news:HGG#nUDBVHA.1864@ip-AC1E04A7...
> >
> > I can open the dbase 12.3 dev app.and open any and all of my databases.
> > But
> > when I run the web server I get and error when it try to open the
> > database.
> >
> > Error: Unknown database name: DBASESAMPLES
> >
> > See code below:
> >
> > Why cann\'t the Apache web server not open the database?
> >
> > Code:
> > TRY  // Error trap entire CGI applet.
> >
> >    ////// Create new instance of the Web Class
> >
> >    oCGI = new CGISession()
> >    oCGI.Connect()
> >
> >    THEBASE1.databaseName = \"DBASESAMPLES\"
> > = true
> >