Subject Re: Apache 2.2 on Win Server 2019
From Wayne Zimmerman <>
Date Fri, 10 May 2019 12:53:01 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Yes, All on One Server, I did a full installation of dbase plus 12.3 on the win server 2019 and can run my non web app and look at all the databases though the development software.

I also uninstall the apache 2.2 and install apache 2.4 as a server with localhost Listen 80.
Then I setup the file type .dbw for the script exe to run the PlusRun.exe with the script.

The Apache web is running and the dbase error capture "try" is giving me the error msg
Unknown database name: DBASESAMPLES

Thanks for your help

Wayne Zimmerman

David Ball Wrote:

> Hi Wayne
> I need a few more details, please.
> I'm not sure if you are talking about 2 different machines here or if
> everything is installed on the one running Windows Server 2019.
> If it's all on one machine, you would have:
> Windows Server 2019
> Apache 2.2
> dBASE 12.3 full install
> (It's just a little unusual to see a dBASE full install on a server;
> normally that's where you would install the dBASE Runtime.)
> If it's 2 separate machines, can you tell me what is installed where please?
> It's good that your dBASE code is running, at least. It's possible that
> dBASE running under Apache can't find the 'correct' BDE configuration file,
> the one with all the good database information. Is your Windows Server 2019
> running in a shared hosting environment perhaps?
> Thanks
> David Ball
> "Wayne Zimmerman"  wrote in message news:HGG#nUDBVHA.1864@ip-AC1E04A7...
> I can open the dbase 12.3 dev app.and open any and all of my databases. But
> when I run the web server I get and error when it try to open the database.
> Error: Unknown database name: DBASESAMPLES
> See code below:
> Why cann't the Apache web server not open the database?
> Code:
> TRY  // Error trap entire CGI applet.
>    ////// Create new instance of the Web Class
>    oCGI = new CGISession()
>    oCGI.Connect()
>    THEBASE1.databaseName = "DBASESAMPLES"
> = true