Subject Re: IMPORTING CSV file
From Lee Grant <>
Date Fri, 12 Apr 2019 13:57:54 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


As usual spot on.

On 4/12/2019 3:13 AM, Mervyn Bick wrote:
> It needs a little bit more than "Create Application" as one needs to be
> able to create the necessary datamodule but dBASE now includes dmC.R.U.D
> (TM) which will create an EXE file of a rudimentary "Create, Read,
> Update and Delete" application.

I believe...maybe it was IV that you could do that and it created a
standard "File" menu choice, one of the options being Exit so we didn't
need to worry about it's's been awhile forgive my memory
loss, but it was modifiable from that point without crashing it just by
closing it out to work on the internals.  dmC.R.U.D is not the same
thing.  And the problem with closing the application without opening
anything other than the Exit menu, doesn't crash in the executable
version, so there's something being done in the compiler that overrides
the problem when trying to two-way tool it in the IDE..I suspect it may
be a separate session, Window handle...etc..but don't know for sure.
> A lot of work must have gone into creating dmC.R.U.D but I'm afraid I
> don't like it.  As it creates an EXE file one can deploy the application
> with the dBASE runtime.  I would, however, hesitate to supply such a
> rudimentary program to a paying customer.  I could, however, see a
> programmer creating a "quick and dirty" application for "own use".

Which is what I've been using dBASE for since I stopped actively trying
to code in it...but now want to do more, so..the learning curve is here
again...but unstable is something I hate with a passion.  Can't build on
something that is flawed underneath and which you, personally, can't
change. If it's my fault, I'll eat the long as I get to flavor
it. :)

> While a .wfm file is created one can't change it in the designer so one
> can't add features to the application.
> One can't use the wizard to change an existing application it has
> created.  Any change means redoing the application from scratch.
> When all is said and done the word  'crud' comes to mind. :-(

Well said.  I didn't realize that dBASE had gone developer-centric when
I was keeping up with updates, after going into a different environment.
  Only last year or so have I started using it in earnest again because
of my  need to start storing and using data from a business POV, and now
that I have some time off, to start spending more time on learning more
of it.