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Date Mon, 25 Mar 2019 13:40:12 -0400
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If _app.statusBar = true and you have the shell turned on.
Then the statusBar will appear at the bottom of your framewin when running
from a EXE.
So yes, if you are turning off the shell it will not appear.
I believe your form also has to be MDI=true. I don't quite remember since I
also use shell( false,false) which can't display the statusBar.
If I remember right, I think there is a status bar that someone wrote that
may help. Try the dUFLP.

"Mustansir Ghor"  wrote in message news:f6laYpy4UHA.1860@ip-AC1E04A7...

Dear Andy

Thanks. But status bar does not appear in exe as it shows in IDE. When I
test in IDE it display the status message. Could this be because of
shell( false, false ) in statup program.


Andy Taylor Wrote:

> Hi Mustansir,
> SET DESIGN OFF has no effect on the status message shown in the status
> bar.
> The status message is always displayed (in runtime or the IDE) unless you
> have turned the status bar off using _app.statusbar
> Andy
> > Dear All
> >
> > I am using ENTRYFIELD property of statusmessage to display relevant
> > message on entering value. I wonder how this message will appear when I
> > run an exe file in which when I compile has setting of SET DESIGN OFF.
> >
> > Can anybody guide on this as to how this message can be displayed
> >
> > Best Regards
> > Mustansir