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Date Sat, 23 Mar 2019 11:13:43 -0400
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Until recently I did the same.
We even have an entire scheme to "mark" the objects internally with a
version number and date rather than rely on the file date.
Recently I abandoned with this approach because we just have too many DEO
objects and checking easy one and copying locally got to be too slow.
Now we just use the program version, recording it on the server and each
workstation on startup makes sure they are using the newest program version.
It actually take less time for us just to copy everything locally than
checking each individual DEO object.
Smaller programs are efficient enough to compare individual files as you
have found. Itís a great approach.

"Juan Pedro>"  wrote in message news:30V1yYW4UHA.700@ip-AC1E04A7...

In fact, when working with DEO, the best results are obtained with locally
copied DEO objects.
To combine the advantage of having the DEO objects in network with the speed
of the local DEO objects, we can create a DEO store in the server and the
local EXEs, when they start, compare their local objects with those of the
warehouse incorporating the differences between the network store and local
objects always starting with the latest version of the program.


<> Wrote:

> It depends.
> If your application is DEO based, you'll perform better if you have the
> application with its DEO objects  locally.
> If you have compiled in all the DEO objects, the only slow down across the
> network is the initial load of the EXE.
> Fastest speed is always having as much locally as you can.
> I install my entire application locally with just the database on the
> server.
> I also create and use any temp files on the local drive.
> Any tables that are pretty much static I also place locally.
> For big tables or some lookups I'll cut down the response by copying a
> subset of the data locally before using.
> For slow networks it could make a dramatic change in speed. Faster
> networks,
> not so much.
> Rich...
> "Rob Horsman"  wrote in message news:PPEpkWJ4UHA.1864@ip-AC1E04A7...
> Hi dBase programmers, I have made software for a garage company, but
> what is the best way to use this.
> Install all files on the server or only the databases on the server and
> the program locally on c: \
> Who has experience with this ?
> Greetings Rob