Subject Re: Server setup
From Michael <>
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2019 00:22:21 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Rob,

Ive been programming in dbase for years. My first network software was written in Microsoft windows for workgroups 3.1. on Pentium 2 processors. I ran everything locally except I had a server drive and stored the central database there. It ran like a swiss clock with no locking or speed issues.

A few versions of dbase and microsoft later, I found this method no longer was efficient. I can remember what version windows but something clearly changed around the time Dbase went visual. The datadase drivers changed and they became cumbersome and slow across a network. Basiccally heaviy and a dog to work with.

I changed the way I worked in dbase, I almost dumped it to be honest except for the amount of work to recode the software. So I went to Terminal Services or what is known today as remote desktop protocol.

Everything in on the server, Main exe's, devices, printers, data. A table controls the paths to folders that are unique to each user, mainly temporary tranactional data. with all the data pointing to a common folder (main database). I have these files running off the root directory in a folder with the version number of the software.

I then use standard windows users and create desktop icons on each desktop that runs the main server program and with a parameter that points to the local user path for temp data. It run's very fast, efficient and is easy to control data flow and maintain. This way you can get any windows and non-windows device with remote desktop to login and run your user and the software. Voila!

I am now looking into ways to run RDP through HTML and am trying to develope a server based desktop client to simply redirect to individual users and you may have seen some posts to this effect. This way I can retain the mountains of code nad take my software into the cloud using bread and butter technology that is light and fast.

A couple of important points though,

1. Ashkat is right if your bde isnt set to share or have the appropriate number of files, set correctly, it absolutely destroys the database and I havent been able to find any way of recovering it. I basically setup a completely fresh drive, it stuffs up the registry and god knows what else.

2. You will need to use a terminal services wrapper or third party product that allows concurrent users on a windows machine, as windows does not sell RDP cals (licenses) for basic versions of windows. I use thinstuff, they have a very reliable suite of products.

Hope this helps you.



Rob Horsman Wrote:

> Hi dBase programmers, I have made software for a garage company, but
> what is the best way to use this.
> Install all files on the server or only the databases on the server and
> the program locally on c: \
> Who has experience with this ?
> Greetings Rob