From Mustansir Ghor <>
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2019 14:55:44 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started
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Dear All

I have an SQL statement with single table as follows. Its browse is attached as Capture2.
select * from pharmrec

I have same table opened with a join statement in order to relate item name as follows. Its browse is attached as Capture3
select * from pharmrec a join pharm p on a.item=p.code

My problem is I need to use join table in order to generate my report. But order of records in a single table that were entered in the grid are changed in the join table although order by clause were not used.

So how to use the join table and yet report to generate same order of records as were entered in the grid. Can anybody help me on this. In dbaseIV we called it natural order.

Best Regards