Subject Re: dBASE 12
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Thu, 21 Mar 2019 23:18:55 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 21/03/2019 21:13, Danny wrote:
> Akshat Kapoor Wrote:
>>> That works with 12, but I was copying from a Excel cell into a form in dBASE. The same form will work in dBASE 11. I cannot do it in dBASE 12 as of yet..
>> Try the following steps.
>> 1. Select the cell you want to copy.
>> 2. Go into edit mode (F2 should take you to edit mode)
>> 3. ctrl+A to copy select all the contents
>> 4. ctrl+c to copy all the contents.
>> And then try pasting onto your form.
>> There could be some control characters related to grid that could be
>> spoiling the show.
>> Regards
>> Akshat
> Not sure I follow, but I use the same Excel workbook with dBase 11 and I can copy and paste. I would not think it was an issue with Excel if it works with dBASE 11. When running the form in dBASE 12 it does not paste anything.

It is working in 11 does not mean data is 100% correct.
I tried copy and paste from a cell in excel into a notepad file and then
examined the file in hexeditor.

I found that it had an extra space in the starting and chr(13) + chr(10)
appended to the matter I wanted to paste.
(Today is my first day of using hexeditor hence cannot say for sure but
my chances of being correct are atleast 60%)

plus 11 could be ignoring those characters while plus 12 trips on them.

Another test. Type some matter in a txt file and try pasting it in your
form. If it works then you will have to go through my initial test I had
outlined above.

You will have to find a workaround we can only suggest.