Subject Re: Invalid BLOB handle in record buffer
From Michel <>
Date Mon, 18 Mar 2019 05:00:36 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Heinz Kesting Wrote:

> Hi Michel,
> > running un application I receive the error message "Database Engine Error:  Invalid BLOB handle in record buffer." and don't really see how to deal with.
> > Using dBase Plus 2.8
> > thanks for  suggestions,
> Well, I had the same issue some 2 years ago, and at first sight there
> are 2 things that I come to think of.
> First, try increasing the setting for "BLOBS TO CACHE" in the BDE Admin
> for that specific database from the default 64 to say, 16384.
> This does - if it should work for you - however just cure the symptom,
> not the cause of this issue.
> But I have learned that the real cause for this is the caching which is
> done by dBase/BDE when you include the BLOB field in the rowset.
> Therefore, the remedy for good is to exclude the BLOB field from the
> rowset. Then use the OnNavigate() event to query the table with a second
> query for the BLOB field of the current record and populate the
> respective control in your form with the BLOB fields value.
> You might want to take a look at the thread in the programming group,
> from  09th of December 2016, titled likewise "Invalid BLOB handle in
> rowset buffer".
> Hope I could give you some ideas to work upon.
> Kind regards, Heinz

many thanks for explanations (Iwent and read posts on december 2016)
can you tell me where do I find the "BLOBS TO CACHE" section  in the BDE Admin : no way in databases part, I don't see it in configuration tab, Drivers - native - dbase, no more in system - init section. Is it in ODBC, Microsoft dBase driver ?
thanks for your reply,