Subject Re: Windows 10 deployment
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Date Tue, 5 Mar 2019 15:37:12 -0500
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Oh, that's different.
The fact is you are a unknown publisher unless you *sign* your EXE. There
are however workarounds.
You can either *sign* your EXE so it'll be a known publisher, reduce the UAC
settings, or if they have set it to disallow anything except from the
Windows store you need to change it to allow side-loaded applications.
Did you try changing the manifest execution levels? I use
"requireadministrator" in my apps.
Look at this link (Skip solution 1 &2)
Lots of other stuff on the internet related to this and plenty of

"Matt Milner"  wrote in message news:Cx9CSv40UHA.1860@ip-AC1E04A7...

<> Wrote:

> Did you create a manifest file for the EXE?
> If you didn't you can just copy the manifest for the PLUSrun.exe or
> PLUS.exe
> and change the name to match your EXE.
> You *may* have to change the requestedExecutionLevel line inside the
> manifest to "asInvoker", "highestAvailable", or "requireadministrator" as
> required by your application.
> Rich....

That did not fix the problem. It still comes up and tells my users that I am
an Unknown Publisher.
> "Matt Milner"  wrote in message news:OUCzB320UHA.700@ip-AC1E04A7...
> Is there a trick to making apps that deploy in Windows 10 without having
> the
> operating system block their execution. I am using dBase Plus 12.