Subject Re: File Does Not Exist error message
From Ken Mayer <>
Date Sun, 17 Feb 2019 07:32:54 -0800
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2/17/2019 7:18 AM, Tom wrote:
> Version:
> Build: 2585 09/07/2018
> I am greeted with the attached error message every time I start dBase
> 12. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my copy to no avail. How do I fix
> this?

Sounds like you may have double-clicked on a .cc file in the Navigator,
which tells dBASE to autoload it. This is just a theory but it's
happened to others.

In the Command Window, type:

? _app.iniFile

This is the ini file being used by dBASE. Note the path to it, copy and
paste it if necessary.

Close dBASE. (Important step, because closing dBASE will store settings
back into the .ini file and wipe out what you are about to do)

Using Notepad in Windows, open the .ini file (using the path above) and
search for that file name. If it is there, delete that line in the .ini
file, save and close it.

Then re-start dBASE. If all goes well, you've fixed the issue.


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