Subject Re: Records missing from table
From Sandra <>
Date Wed, 30 Jan 2019 22:46:07 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Ronnie MacGregor Wrote:

> In article <2diAtn6tUHA.1864@ip-AC1E04A7>, invalid@invalid.invald says...
> > I would expect that dBASE 8
> > would not destroy the PLUS.INI on a re-install but I don't know for
> > certain.
> While I can't answer this specifically for v8 I do recall older versions wiping
> out the .ini file that contained lots of specific environment settings, and the
> pain in recreating it all.
> My advice is to make no changes to the old machine, the risk is that you only
> make matters worse.
> On the assumption that your app worked perfectly well on the old machine, then
> it seems reasonable to assume that the data files are there, you just don't
> know where. Use Windows search as previously mentioned to search the whole hard
> drive.
> > --
> Ronnie MacGregor
> Scotland

Update:  Problem is solved and I have found the missing files after days of searching! Thanks so much to everyone who has offered their help along the way.

Using your advice, I found the Plus.ini file and realised it was pointing to a different folder to the one that I had set up in the BDE when creating the database alias. So when I upgraded in 2013, I must have stopped using the BDE database and started using files directly in a folder. (Although how this works is beyond me when the same files reference the database alias I had created). So long story short, in preparation for moving to the new computer I had copied what I thought were the correct files (those which the BDE pointed to) across into another folder, thereby overwriting the actual latest files. I found all the intact latest files on an old backup, so happy days!! A bit of tweaking and it is all working again.

Thanks again for all of your help everyone.