Subject Re: Shared Memory Conflict
From Yiannis H. Economides <>
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2019 00:12:57 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Norman,

What I don't understand is how the form can open/close 3 times!
If an error was causing the form to close just after it was opened I realy can't thing of a away that the error would cause the form to reopen and close again 2 times.

maybe you are looking in the wrong place ?

Something in your code may causing this ( a loop, a condition etc ?)

The "shared memory" error it is definately the case of having 2 or more instances of dbase opened. This I come across quite a few times mainly if you are using dbase 11 (or 12) with older version.




Norman Snowden Wrote:

> dBASE 11
> An existing .exe Form opens and immediately closes about 3 times before it will stay open for use. The same thing happens when the Form is run within the dBASE environment. This may be associated with automatic Windows 10 updates, but I think it may be caused by the Shared Memory Conflict of a new .exe version of the Form that I am trying to complete.
> The Project successfully Rebuilds with no Errors report. However, when I try to Execute the new version, the Errors: “Database Engine Initialization Error“ and “Shared Memory Conflict” occur.
> Except for dBASE I don’t have any other Apps running that would require memory.
> I would certainly appreciate it if anyone might have a recommendation. Thanks,
>  Norman Snowden