Subject Re: Shared Memory Conflict
From Norman Snowden <>
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2019 22:30:54 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Akshat Kapoor Wrote:

> On 13/01/2019 09:05, Norman Snowden wrote:
> > dBASE 11
> > An existing .exe Form opens and immediately closes about 3 times before it will stay open for use. The same thing happens when the Form is run within the dBASE environment. This may be associated with automatic Windows 10 updates, but I think it may be caused by the Shared Memory Conflict of a new .exe version of the Form that I am trying to complete.
> >
> > The Project successfully Rebuilds with no Errors report. However, when I try to Execute the new version, the Errors: “Database Engine Initialization Error“ and “Shared Memory Conflict” occur.
> >
> > Except for dBASE I don’t have any other Apps running that would require memory.
> >
> > I would certainly appreciate it if anyone might have a recommendation. Thanks,
> >   Norman Snowden
> >
> The error I have received at times is Insufficient memory,followed by
> Database Initilisation error when I try to Open more than 1 instance of
> dBase or an app developed in dBase.
> In your case have a look at the task manager listings. Maybe some
> instance of dBase may be running in memory (but not visible on task bar)
> when this error occurs
> I am attaching help files for BDE settings.
> You can have a look at the settings.
> There could be some error there also
> Regards
> Akshat
Thanks for the information Akshat.
Never had this happen before. Within dBASE Projects after I Build with no Errors and try to Execute It, as I said, the message Database Engine Initialization Error Shared Memory Conflict immediately pops up. Disappointed, I closed the Project assuming no new .exe could be produced.
I decided to delete the old .exe version from the Explorer folder and repeat the new .exe effort in dBASE Projects. I got the message that I had to Build before Execute could be done. After Rebuild and trying to Execute the same Memory message occurred.
However, I noticed that the new .exe now actually appeared in the Explorer folder. The only thing was that no Icon appeared on the Desktop. By adding a Shortcut on the Desktop the new .exe runs from the the Desktop. (The new .exe appeared at the exact time that I tried to run Execute in the dBASE Projects)
I still have the open and immediately close problem.
Thanks, Norman