Subject Re: Questions with regards to dBASE PLUS 12
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invald>
Date Wed, 12 Dec 2018 10:14:21 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2018-12-12 5:13 AM, Dennis Guay wrote:
> Hello everyone.

> 1. When executing reports from my applications, the report viewer is now automatically
> minimized at the bottom of the screen. Never used to do this. Is there a way I
> can force these reports to open mazimized automatically? I don't see a maximize
> property in the Inspector.

This sounds as if an abnormal setting has crept into Plus.ini.  Report
this in the bug-reports newsgroup where Kathy may be able to sort this
for you.  If you need to edit plus.ini to repair this it will probably
need to be done with dBASE closed.  In the Command Panel  a =
_app.inifile  and then ?a    Copy the output in the Results Panel and
close dBASE.  Open Notepad (or any other text editor) and select
File->Open. Paste into the Filename entryfield and open the file.

> 2. When I browse the c:\users\user\documents\dbase\plus 12\samples\ directory the
> Navigator cannot see any of the files inside there. This happens intermittently. One
> minute its there and the next minute its not. If I get desperate, I just copy the
> samples folder to my desktop for example and then it will work.

When this happens if you click on the "Look in" combobox's drop-down
button is the Samples entry in the list?  If so, does clicking on the
entry resolve the problem?

> 3. I wanted to add page numbers to my reports. In the help documentation it says
> to drag the PageNumber component from the Component palette's Custom page to the
> report page. Problem is, I don't see a Custom page. It says that this custom component
> is installed with the dBASE PLUS samples. So how exactly do I turn this Custom page
> on?

Ken has given you one way of fixing this.  The 'fix' is, however, only
valid for the session.  When you restart dBASE the "Paging" will not be
available in the Component Palette unless you open in ethe report
designer a report which uses the .cc.  You may need to set the procedure
every time you want to use page numbering in a report.

There are two ways to make the 'fix' permanent. lives at

With a report open in the designer you can select "Set up Custom
Components" from the File menu and Add.  You will need to browse to the
correct place.

Alternatively you can go straight into the dBASE plus.ini file and add
it there.  Most alterations to the ini file need to be made with dBASE
closed.  This is one of the few exceptions.

In the Command Panel    a = _app.inifile  and then modi comm &a

This will open the ini file in the sourcecode editor.  Use the find
dialogue (Ctrl-f) to find [Custom]   If the find is not successful add
the following to the end of the file


If the find is successful add the entry to the end of the existing list
with the appropriate number.  Save the file and that should do the trick.

> 4. In one of my applications I use the Zseeker custom component. In order for it
> to work it must have the set in order for to work.
> So for example, the source would look like this:
> set procedure to additive
> set procedure to additive
> The thing is, the set procedure to additive line of code always disappears
> when in form designer mode. And so the workaround is that I always have to manually
> retype in this one line of code whenever I make changes to the application or rebuild.
> Why does it do this?

Ken has told you why.  The burning question is do you really need that
line in your code? is subclassed from so
needs to be in the same folder as but your code should run
properly without the line.  Try it and see. and are from the dUFLP.  It is not a good idea to
move code out of the dUFLP unless you are making changes to it.  In that
case you should rename the file so that there isn't any confusion. Use
the :duflp: sourcealias in your code e.g set procedure to   Keep in mind though that the Project Manager doesn't
understand sourcealiases so you will need to use the full path when you
register the .cc.

Now that you have both dBASE 2.6 and dBASE 12.31 on your computer you
should have two separate copies of the dUFLP in separate folders.  If
you select the dUFLP folder for your dBASE 12 version of the dUFLP from
within dBASE 12 and run setup.prg  it will create the necessary
sourcealias.   set procedure to in your code will then
find the correct file whether you run the program in dBASE 2.6 or in
dBASE 12.

You should also keep your source code for dBASE 12 in a new set of
folders otherwise you will need to delete all the compiled files before
you try to run code in the "other" version of dBASE