Subject Questions with regards to dBASE PLUS 12
From Dennis Guay <>
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2018 22:13:34 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hello everyone.

I just recently upgraded from dBASE PLUS 2.6 to dBASE PLUS 12. Thanks to the
great folks at dBASE, the upgrade was affordable and exciting.

Glad to see that the IDE is still familiar yet filled with lots of improvements.
And the fonts look great too.

My conversion of applications to dBASE PLUS 12 was relatively painless and worked
like a charm. The first thing I noticed is that all of my newly compiled applications
now have nicer color tones, sharper resolution and fonts, and have sharp blue edges
on the forms and backgrounds. Sweet.

Since I'm running a Windows 10 64bit PC and a Windows 7 32bit netbook, I knew it was
defenitely time to upgrade.

Have to say though, that I am sad to see the dQuery wizards go. Bulky or not, I used
them in a pinch when I didn't feel like typing. LOL.

Since I am still learning all the new stuff in dBASE PLUS 12, I have a few questions
that I need answered as I am stumped.

1. When executing reports from my applications, the report viewer is now automatically
minimized at the bottom of the screen. Never used to do this. Is there a way I
can force these reports to open mazimized automatically? I don't see a maximize
property in the Inspector.

2. When I browse the c:\users\user\documents\dbase\plus 12\samples\ directory the
Navigator cannot see any of the files inside there. This happens intermittently. One
minute its there and the next minute its not. If I get desperate, I just copy the
samples folder to my desktop for example and then it will work.

3. I wanted to add page numbers to my reports. In the help documentation it says
to drag the PageNumber component from the Component palette's Custom page to the
report page. Problem is, I don't see a Custom page. It says that this custom component
is installed with the dBASE PLUS samples. So how exactly do I turn this Custom page

4. In one of my applications I use the Zseeker custom component. In order for it
to work it must have the set in order for to work.

So for example, the source would look like this:

set procedure to additive
set procedure to additive

The thing is, the set procedure to additive line of code always disappears
when in form designer mode. And so the workaround is that I always have to manually
retype in this one line of code whenever I make changes to the application or rebuild.
Why does it do this?

Well folks that's all I have for now. If you can help me that would be great. Thanks
in advance!