Subject Re: Programmatically Adding An Event
From Tom <IHaveNoEmail@ddress>
Date Thu, 6 Dec 2018 12:24:41 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Mine, for what it is worth.

Windows10 Pro 64 bit
Version 1809
Build 17763.134


On 12/6/18 12:03 PM, wrote:
> Hmm, never thought about using Wingdings. As far as I know, Wingdings is
> included in all versions of windows.
> On my Win7 box it works as you suggested but on my Win10 box I had to go
> to "Wingdings 3" and use lower case p and q to get the up and down arrows.
> Interesting the Wingdings is different on the 2 versions of Windows.
> I guess you could do a test for the host OS and use the proper font and
> characters for that version of Windows.
> Rich...
> "Tom"  wrote in message news:0ly1G8XjUHA.904@ip-AC1E04A7...
> On 12/6/18 10:03 AM, Mervyn Bick wrote:
>> On 2018-12-06 4:46 PM, wrote:
>>> Thanks,
>>> OK that's right, he used PeekMessage(() to test the down state of the
>>> mouse button rather than using GetAsyncKeyState()  to test the down
>>> state of the pushbutton.
>>> Not sure which way would have been better in this case. I'd like to
>>> think my way is better. LOL
>>> I did notice in my control that the downBitmap wasn't appearing when
>>> I defined that and the button didn't look like it was down.
>>> Possible adding UpdateWindow(oButton.hWnd) like is in Ronnie's code
>>> to the loop just before the sleep() will will cause that to repaint.
>>> Rich...
>> I haven't had time yet to dig too deeply but one thing I did notice
>> was that when I used the graphics for the pushbutons from
>> dNavigation.dll the two arrows didn't quite line up.  When you use the
>> individual .png files they line up exactly.
>> Mervyn.
> Not to add more fuel to this out of control fire but ...
> Pushbutton:
> Set fontName to "WebDings"
> Set text to '3' (left), '4' (right), '5' (up) or '6' (down).
> Adjust font size as desired.
> Not certain that that font is available on all windows computers.
> Tom