Subject Re: Programmatically Adding An Event
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Date Thu, 6 Dec 2018 09:46:50 -0500
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OK that's right, he used PeekMessage(() to test the down state of the mouse
button rather than using GetAsyncKeyState()  to test the down state of the
Not sure which way would have been better in this case. I'd like to think my
way is better. LOL
I did notice in my control that the downBitmap wasn't appearing when I
defined that and the button didn't look like it was down.
Possible adding UpdateWindow(oButton.hWnd) like is in Ronnie's code to the
loop just before the sleep() will will cause that to repaint.

"Mervyn Bick"  wrote in message news:tTE6D1WjUHA.1828@ip-AC1E04A7...

On 2018-12-06 3:56 PM, wrote:
> We have "rotational power shedding" but it’s a little different. Its
> called "storms" here.
> If not for UPSs on everything and a backup generator I'd be spending
> more quality time away from the computer.
> I recall WhileMouseDown but don't seem to have a copy although I used
> the same basic principal in a few controls.
> Wasn't it called WhileDownVCR or something like that?  I believe it used
> PeekMessage() instead of GetAsyncKeyState() and navigated the rowset?
> If anyone has a copy, send me a copy please....
> Rich...

Done. :-)