Subject Re: Programmatically Adding An Event
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invald>
Date Thu, 6 Dec 2018 09:53:01 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2018-12-05 12:02 AM, Ronnie MacGregor wrote:
> In article <5GsYlxAjUHA.904@ip-AC1E04A7>, invalid@invalid.invald says...
>> Hold
>> the left mouse button down and the entryfield updates continuously.
> I wonder if you remember my "WhileMouseDown" functionality for
> Jean-Pierre's CD Player (dBulletin)

I hadn't remembered WhileMouseDown.  I looked it up and started to build
it into Tom's form.  And then the lights went out. :-(

It's a long story but South Africa is lumbered with "rotational power
shedding" for at least the next 12 months.  In theory, there's a
schedule.  In practice the lights simply go out at odd times for up to 6
hours at a stretch.

In the meantime Rich got bored. :-)  He has done the heavy lifting by
creating a custom control.  It doesn't use the same API call as
WhileMouseDown but at least it gets rid of the timer objects I'd
resorted to.

Between Rich and WhileMouseDown I've added two new strings to my
programming bow. :-)