Subject Re: Select multiple records in a grid
From Ken Mayer <>
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2018 17:07:25 -0700
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 9/19/2018 1:40 PM, Mervyn Bick wrote:
> On 2018-09-19 6:31 PM, Kinsley wrote:
>> OK perhaps I need to ask a different question. If I want to allow a
>> user to select multiple rows in a grid without having to add a new
>> field to a dbfile how do I go about it? What is the best solution for
>> this? I'm no expert in DBase coding so the simpler the solution the
>> better if I am honest.
> Normally all one needs to do is set the grid's multiselect property true
> and then hold down the control key while clicking on a record in the grid.
> A problem is that the top record is always selected when the grid opens.
>   If the user doesn't want to include this record in the selection it
> has to be deliberately de-selected by holding down the control key and
> then clicking on the record.
> The attached example emulates holding down the control key and clicking
> on the first record to de-select it when the grid opens.  The user can
> then select the required records.
> If you uncomment the code in the onMouseOver and onMouseOut event
> handlers the user need not use the control key to select multiple
> records.  This is, however, not standard practice so it may not be a
> good idea.  Up to you.

Many, too many options ... I completely binked on multiselect ...


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