Subject Re: indexes gone
From Charlie <>
Date Wed, 12 Sep 2018 16:39:40 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

OK possibly I am missing something but I tried to run this program createreindex which created rebuildindexes  Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work.  The problem is for instance tableA has around 8 indexes.  But after I run fixdbf7 only 2 indexes remain.  You had mentioned that as long as the table has existing indexes this will work.  So if I understand you correctly,  it shouldn't work, correct?  

Would be nice if I am mistaken, but I can get everything done manually I guess.


Mervyn Bick Wrote:

> On 2018-09-12 11:28 AM, Charlie wrote:
> > OK let me ask this.... Since in some cases I don't know how I defined indexes......  If in command I type 'use table order'... Then a list of indexes shows up so I know what the indexes for each table is.    Is there a way of finding out how each index is defined from there?
> It looks as if you are just making work for yourself. :-(
> As long as your tables have existing indexes the following command
> do :duflp:createreindex
> will create rebuildindexes.prg  which can be used to rebuild all the
> existing indexes for all the tables in that folder.
> If you open rebuildindexes.prg in the sourcecode editor you will find
> references to each table in the folder either with the comment "No
> Indexes to Process" or with code to recreate the indexes.
> If you really want to see how each index is made use Ctrl-F to look for
> i.expression  This will show you the expression used to create that
> index.  If the index is a simple index on the field all you will see is
> the fieldname.
> Mervyn.