Subject Re: Posting Etiquette
From Heinz Kesting <>
Date Sat, 18 Aug 2018 17:23:56 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Charlie

> Top posting without deleting anything underneath.  I have been and will continue to do....

Just some thoughts, how this way of posting is seen from the other side
of the river:

* why not deleting anything? What is the point in sending hundreds of
lines of text again and again, just wasting band width and bloating up
the messages unnecessarily? What if everybody here would act so, how
long would the posts be?

* this way you are leaving the annoying wade through the unrelevant
parts of the post (as complained quite right by others who prefer top
posting) to the reader, who needs to put the top posted reply into the
context if he wants to understand and follow the discussion.
This could even be seen as impolite, couldn't it?

* it's sometimes even more annoying in a long post, if you have to go
searching for the corresponding part to the reply

* it doesn't seem to work very well, as it is apparently leading to
missing the crucial parts of the answers you got to your questions (as
happened in the thread where this discussion was originating from, when
others need to remind you like: "... you need to read everything.")
That said, if you would place your comment directly below the section
you are replying to, things would be easier for both sides.

* as already said in another post, I would really prefer to read from
top to bottom and from left to right, which has proven to be quite good
and is widely acknowledged in the Western world during the last centuries.

Again, just my opinion.
Kind regards, Heinz