Subject Re: Posting Etiquette
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Date Fri, 17 Aug 2018 09:52:47 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Personally I've been top posting since about the time 2.80 was released.
Either way text not relevant to your post should be clipped.
I'm including the entire post I'm replying to in this case because my reply
is I feel relevant to your entire post.
Posting such as Mike did recently with his Survey post is a breach in
Posting Etiquette as is top posting *if* this was UseNet.
Because this isn't UseNet and we don't have a set of rules governing how we
post, anything that doesn't annoy other users should be allowed.
I'd rather have top posts than have to wade though endless dribble from
previous posts before I get to the meat of the post.
Thread drift I find more annoying than anything else. Especially when I'm
searching for a bit of information.

"Andy Taylor"  wrote in message news:rZ2f#AgNUHA.1828@ip-AC1E04A7...

This is a new thread because I don't like thread drift.
To see the original discussion see the thread "Delete (all) in a form".

I would like to suggest to all that for ease of reading threads please

A) post your reply to a thread at the top of your post,
B) post your reply to the bottom of a post and remove anything in the
original post that is not relevant to your reply.

Method a) is particularly suitable for quick points to be added to a
Method b) is particularly suitable for multiple points to be responded to
within one reply.

In my view always posting at the bottom of a thread and not deleting
irrelevant material just leads to thread bloat and should be avoided.  I
would therefore normally post at the top of a thread unless I am responding
to multiple points.

Anyone who wishes to please discuss, particularly if you prefer the
convention of replies at the bottom of threads.

Andy :-)