Subject Re: Stored Procedure
From Jaime Escobal <>
Date Fri, 06 Jul 2018 20:25:30 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

You should call the stored procedure as a "selectable stored procedure" this way:

this is an example, I do not know the parameters you pass to the stored procedure...

(Excuse my english, my native language is spanish)

please try this, I wrote this by memory and in a hurry,  I can help later if you have problems.... I have a BIG dBase 2.62 app and my database server is firebird... hundreds screens of stored procedures, triggers... everthing works flawlessly

db = new database()
db.databaseName := "MyDB"
db.loginString := "SYSDBA/masterkey" := true

cParameter1 = "XXXX"
nParameter2 = 123

q = new query()
q.database := db
q.sql := "SELECT * FROM prova_procedura('" + cParemeter1 + "',"+ nParameter2 + ")"
q.requestLive := false := true

and you get the data this way

do while not q.rowset.endOfset
   ? q.rowset.fields["field1"].value
   ?? q.rowset.fields["field2"].value
   ?? q.rowset.fields["field3"].value

Anna Wrote:

> Hallo,
> I need to call a stored procedure created in firebird into a dbase (Ver. 2.21) program. I call in this way
> d= new Mydb();
> p= new StoredProc();
> p.database = d
> p.procedureName = "prova_procedura"
> p.params["column"].value -> return only first row but i need that return a rowset because the stored procedure return more rows
> Help me please
> Thanks
> Anna