Subject Re: Help with dbase 11 menus
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Tue, 05 Jun 2018 07:30:06 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


I assume you mean that you cannot close "a drop-down" menu rather than "a popup" as you appear to be using normal menus in the video.

I see this behaviour in dBASE 11.3 only when form.mdi is set to false. I suggest you report it as a bug, at the moment without a workaround
as I can't see an easy way to get it working properly... I may find time to look at this later... perhaps using onInitMenu to set custom "active" flags.
The menus do get closed properly if the user clicks again on the relevant menu header.

As for the close button I have no idea why yours is not working... it works on my forms irrespective of the mdi setting.  Is there specific code attached
to your onClose or canClose methods which is stopping the code?


> Hi all,
> I am attching 2 videos.
> Video dbase262 shows the main menu of my application with dbase plus 2.62
> Video dbase11 shows the same main menu (nothing changed in code) with dbase 11.
> Except of the distorted icons I noticed that with dbase11 I can not close a popoup by clicking somewhere on the form (as in 2.62) and also I clicking on the close button is not working.
> I would appreciate some help on the above issues.
> Regards
> Yiannis