Subject Re: dbase running on a flash drive
From Andy Taylor <>
Date Tue, 15 May 2018 19:06:20 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started


I would steer clear of any free cloud services.
I have stored files on Google One Drive and Dropbox.
It wasn't long before any exe's got infected with trojans.
I use them for quick file transfers only... while on a call I drop files on a cloud server
and they collect... all done within 1-2 minutes.


> Mervyn Sorry, didn't mean to chop you off at the neck. (Head?) Is that what
> you said?
> You are sharper than this old man so I'll leave the wit to you.
> One think I've learned about dBASE is no matter what you think can't be
> done, someone somewhere has either done it or can give you a good idea of
> how to do it.
> I think you are right in that a FlashDrive may not be the right approach.
> He could not only store his tables in DropBox or the Google or MS
> counterparts but be able to store an installer for the app in the same
> DropBox.
> It wouldn't even have to be a DropBox in his name. They could use a DropBox
> in the club's name.
> I actually dislike those services but they do have the uses I guess. I'm so
> use to hosting my own servers so I know little about those services.
> Can you use those services like DropBox mapping a drive letter or a UNC to
> it? If so the DEO objects could actually reside right in the same place as
> the tables.
> Maybe rather than a FlashDrive if you drop all the files, runtime and BDE
> into the DropBox it could be run right from there using the same idea of
> running from a CD or Flashdrive.
> I just don't know enough about those services to know what the abilities of
> using them are. Food for thought.
> I played around with using a text and even XML as my database. That way you
> don't even need the BDE or table for a simple app. It was slow as molasses
> but did the job without having to install the BDE at all.
> Lots of possible solutions I guess...
> Rich...
> "Mervyn Bick"  wrote in message news:yWmGKZI7THA.1352@ip-AC1E04A7...
> On 2018-05-15 5:32 PM, wrote:
> > Don't be so quick to say no.
> > I run my installer written in dBASE PLUS from a CD.
> > Granted I have the BDE turned off for the installer.
> > I add DefaultEngine=NONE in its INI and just dropped the runtime files
> > into the same folder as the EXE.
> > If it’s PLUS 11.3 then make sure you turn off the UAC compatibility and
> > select standard INI file.
> > Or optionally compile in the runtime files.  You'll still need to have the
> > PlusR_EN.dll in the local folder.
> >
> > Before we had that option of turning off the BDE, I would just drop the
> > BDE files into the same folder also.
> > There is a write-up on which BDE files you'll need. I forget where that
> > write-up is located off-hand.
> > I'm sure someone here remembers where that article is. I think the Title
> > was about running off CD.
> > Try this dBulletin
> > (While the runtime has changed the BDE hasn't)
> >
> > Optionally you could just install the BDE by itself on the clients machine
> > and then run your app from flash drive.
> > You'll find the BDE installer in C:\Program Files
> > (x86)\dBASE\Plus11\Runtime\BDE Installer
> > Rich...
> I  didn't actually say no.  I said I thought the answer would most
> likely be no but Charlie should check in the deployment newsgroup.  I've
> long since given up saying as a fact that something can't be done.  As
> often as not, when I've stuck my neck out like that, somebody
> immediately comes back and proves me wrong.  At least now I don't have
> to blush when it turns out it can be done. :-)
> Even if running the program from a flash drive is feasible I'm not
> convinced this is the right way to go.  Charlie is preparing for the day
> that he can no longer run the program himself.  Until then the data on
> the flash drive has to be kept up to date so Charlie will need to be
> using the flash drive until then.  When the time does come the last
> thing Charlie's family needs is for one of Charlie's golfing buddies
> calling and asking for the flash drive.
> If I were in Charlie's position I would change the program to look for
> it's data in DropBox.  The program could then be deployed like any other
> program ready for the fateful day.  As long as the new user has the
> DropBox user name and password the transition would be seamless.
> If the program uses DEO Charlie can email any changed object file with
> instructions on where to save it.  The original source code should be
> provided as part of the installation and any changes should also be
> passed on with the compiled object files.
> Mervyn.