Subject Re: dbase running on a flash drive
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invalid>
Date Tue, 15 May 2018 21:52:40 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 2018-05-15 5:32 PM, wrote:
> Don't be so quick to say no.
> I run my installer written in dBASE PLUS from a CD.
> Granted I have the BDE turned off for the installer.
> I add DefaultEngine=NONE in its INI and just dropped the runtime files
> into the same folder as the EXE.
> If it’s PLUS 11.3 then make sure you turn off the UAC compatibility and
> select standard INI file.
> Or optionally compile in the runtime files.  You'll still need to have
> the PlusR_EN.dll in the local folder.
> Before we had that option of turning off the BDE, I would just drop the
> BDE files into the same folder also.
> There is a write-up on which BDE files you'll need. I forget where that
> write-up is located off-hand.
> I'm sure someone here remembers where that article is. I think the Title
> was about running off CD.
> Try this dBulletin
> (While the runtime has changed the BDE hasn't)
> Optionally you could just install the BDE by itself on the clients
> machine and then run your app from flash drive.
> You'll find the BDE installer in C:\Program Files
> (x86)\dBASE\Plus11\Runtime\BDE Installer
> Rich...

I  didn't actually say no.  I said I thought the answer would most
likely be no but Charlie should check in the deployment newsgroup.  I've
long since given up saying as a fact that something can't be done.  As
often as not, when I've stuck my neck out like that, somebody
immediately comes back and proves me wrong.  At least now I don't have
to blush when it turns out it can be done. :-)

Even if running the program from a flash drive is feasible I'm not
convinced this is the right way to go.  Charlie is preparing for the day
that he can no longer run the program himself.  Until then the data on
the flash drive has to be kept up to date so Charlie will need to be
using the flash drive until then.  When the time does come the last
thing Charlie's family needs is for one of Charlie's golfing buddies
calling and asking for the flash drive.

If I were in Charlie's position I would change the program to look for
it's data in DropBox.  The program could then be deployed like any other
program ready for the fateful day.  As long as the new user has the
DropBox user name and password the transition would be seamless.

If the program uses DEO Charlie can email any changed object file with
instructions on where to save it.  The original source code should be
provided as part of the installation and any changes should also be
passed on with the compiled object files.