Subject Re: dbase running on a flash drive
From Tom <IHaveNoEmail@ddress>
Date Tue, 15 May 2018 13:45:14 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

dBulletin #8
CD Deployment by Ronnie MacGregor
dBulletin #13
Running From A CD_ROM by Robert Bravery


On 5/15/18 11:32 AM, wrote:
> Don't be so quick to say no.
> I run my installer written in dBASE PLUS from a CD.
> Granted I have the BDE turned off for the installer.
> I add DefaultEngine=NONE in its INI and just dropped the runtime files
> into the same folder as the EXE.
> If it’s PLUS 11.3 then make sure you turn off the UAC compatibility and
> select standard INI file.
> Or optionally compile in the runtime files.  You'll still need to have
> the PlusR_EN.dll in the local folder.
> Before we had that option of turning off the BDE, I would just drop the
> BDE files into the same folder also.
> There is a write-up on which BDE files you'll need. I forget where that
> write-up is located off-hand.
> I'm sure someone here remembers where that article is. I think the Title
> was about running off CD.
> Try this dBulletin
> (While the runtime has changed the BDE hasn't)
> Optionally you could just install the BDE by itself on the clients
> machine and then run your app from flash drive.
> You'll find the BDE installer in C:\Program Files
> (x86)\dBASE\Plus11\Runtime\BDE Installer
> Rich...
> "Mervyn Bick"  wrote in message news:vqdisoB7THA.904@ip-AC1E04A7...
> On 2018-05-15 3:03 AM, Charlie wrote:
>> My golf board came to me today wanting to buy a new computer to run
>> our league program on.  I've been using my own computer.   I suppose
>> the reason for their concern is because I have a serious medical
>> condition and they are concerned that I could check out suddenly and
>> no one would know how to update and manage our golf program.  I did
>> write it, I do know it, and yes possibly they have a point.  (Although
>> I am hopeful I am not going to check out anytime soon!)
>> I was wondering if it would be possible to manage and run the program
>> on a flash drive.  I'd rather buy a flash drive which would be a lot
>> easier for them to manage!   I'm thinking the biggest problem would be
>> the bde administrator as how would you manage that on a flash drive?  
>> Just wondering if there are any opinions on this?
>> Thanks....
> You know you're getting old when you start attending more funerals than
> weddings.  In my case, long term planning is tomorrow afternoon. :-)
> You should ask this question in the deployment newsgroup but I'm fairly
> certain the answer is going to be no.  Your program will have to be
> properly installed, together with the dBASE runtime engine and the BDE,
> on the new computer.   The runtime engine can be included in the
> program's .exe but that still leaves the BDE to be dealt with.
> The data is a different story.  Your tables could well be on a flash
> drive.  Perhaps a better option though is keep your data on the computer
> but use DropBox to keep a copy of your data in the cloud.  Any computer
> logged into the same DropBox account will have access to the latest data.
> Mervyn.