Subject Re: Network()
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Date Thu, 19 Apr 2018 12:19:28 -0400
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There is a forum for just dbDos
You might want to ask your question there.
Most the users in this forum probably don't know much about it.
While the Windows versions of dBASE use some of the old commands, that's
about as far as it goes.
Hopefully you'll get the help you need.

"hb"  wrote in message news:vFTwBt#1THA.904@ip-AC1E04A7...

We are trying out dbDOS PRO 6 with our dBase IV applications.

Our dBase programs are on a network drive mapped to a drive letter.  These
are working OK.

Many of them have a user table that grants different permissions according
to the current user.

The dbDOS PRO 6 tech support people showed me how to get the current user,
but our original developer had code that looks like this:

              PC_ID = GETENV("USERNAME")
              PC_ID = "NOTNET"

The function NETWORK() is returning False rather than True in the dbDOS PRO
6 environment.  Is there a way to fudge this to be TRUE?

In a normal situation, I would change the code and recompile.  But I am not
a dBase person and I dread trying to track down all the prg files to compile
into a DBO file.  (The original programmers would compile many prgs into one
DBO sometimes, left unused prgs sitting around, and no documentation, and
then retired!)

Thank you!