Subject Re: Filter for Date Range
From Heinz Kesting <>
Date Wed, 21 Mar 2018 17:38:20 +0100
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Pat,

> You are absolutely correct that dates are tricky.
> However, your solution worked.  Using = Dtoc((Date()))
> and then a filter with the sequence single apostrophe, double apostrophe, and a plus sign on the front end and reverse on the rear end does work.

When I first encountered such command lines where single and double
quotes are so close together I found it quite a bit confusing and rather
hard to read.
By looking for a remedy I ended up by replacing one type of quotes with
square brackets, which helped a lot, so I finally made it a habit to
stick to this "way of spelling" for such kind of code.

Thus, the line

filter = "ddate >= '"+form.start+"' and ddate <= '"+form.end+"'"


filter = [ddate >= '] + form.start + [' and ddate <= '] + form.end + [']

which is - at least for me - much easier to read, espicially when you
review the code after more than half a year or so.

Kind regards, Heinz