Subject Re: I can\\\\\\\'t open this .dat file
From Ken Mayer <>
Date Tue, 20 Mar 2018 07:56:43 -0700
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 3/20/2018 5:02 AM, David Fecteau wrote:
> Ken Mayer Wrote:
>> On 3/20/2018 4:35 AM, David Fecteau wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> I want to open .DAT files (like the file in attachment) that come from an old data system at a client.
>>> Can you help me on this.
>>> The goal is to open the file and recover the data (copy / paste Excel)
>> It would help to know what software created the file.
>> This doesn\\\'t tell us a lot, because as noted \\\"A DAT file is a generic
>> data file created by a specific application.\\\"
>> Ken
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> These are data backup files of a DOS system created 15 years ago. But I can not say which software / language, it looks like dBASE but that does not seem to be that. However, I can say that each file has a file with the same name .DIA and .NDX as provided in attachment.
> Do you have a solution track?
> Thanks

No, I don't. Search the web for extension of .DIA, which I have never
seen before. Maybe it will tell you which software package created the


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