Subject Re: Can't open blob files
From Bob McKinney <>
Date Sun, 11 Feb 2018 18:59:14 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Henz:  Bingo!!!  I was able to restore every important DBT.  I did not remember about the DBT files.  At 94, things slip away.  Many thanks.........Bob

>Heinz Kesting Wrote:

> Hi Bob,
> > Hi All:  Using DB2.8 w/WN10 on laptop.  I cannot open any forms.  [MSG: Cannot open "blob" files. ] I was trying to clean up my folders and deleted all "backup" files.  Could this be the problem?
> >
> >     Any help will be greatly appreciated......Bob
> >
> I assume you're speaking of native dbase tables, *.dbf.
> Did you, by any chance, delete files with *.dbt extension?
> These are the files where the contents of BLOB fields are stored in,
> like pictures or longer texts.
> They are named after the table they belong to, say your table that
> stores information of customers is called "COSTUMERS.DBF", you would
> want to look for a file named "COSTUMERS.DBT"
> Try to look at the windows bin folder (on my computer it is called
> $Recycle.Bin, but be aware that each partition / drive like C:\, D:\
> etc. has its own recycle bin, so the first place to look in is the
> recylce bin of the drive where you deleted your backup files from), by
> using a file explorer, if you can spot there any files with *.dbt
> extentions.
> If so, try to restore these and see if this helps.
> Otherwise, post a more precise error message, perhaps a screen shot
> might be a good idea.
> Hope I could help!
> Kind regards, Heinz