Subject Re: How to use a Dbase app on two geographically diverse locations
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Fri, 12 Jan 2018 23:51:53 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

> On seroius note we would certainly appreciate if guidance is drawn on how to move to web programming. For me I am hearing of Apache Webserver, My SQL database and Php programming but how they are related and what role each plays in real technical terms is all a grey zone
> In 2018 to be there hopefully.

Sorry for the late reply. I started with Web programming for almost a
year before switching to Dbase.

Dbase is much easier than web programming. Since I did not stay there
for very long I also have some grey areas.

In Dbase you have a single interface which is used to access display and
manipulate data.
In web programming there are two interfaces back end and front end.

Front end is basically there for displaying data/sending data entered in
forms to back end processor. (The most popular choice for front end is
HTML I am not aware if there are others) All the Web servers send html
to browser for display. It is this html which sends data filled in forms
back to the servers.

Back end is responsible for data handling and generating results. (Here
the choice is much greater php .net java python are just a few). You
generate html for each and everything that has to be displayed. If you
want to display data in a table you had to generate html marking
beginning and ending of every cell / row of the table.

Moving between forms (called pages in web terminology) is hell. Very
easy to move forward you call the next program but the unlike Dbase you
transfer control once and for all. There is no return option. If you
call form B from form A by executing do b.wfm control will always return
to a.wfm when you execute a return in b.wfm all the variables are there
as they were there before.

In php once you move forward control stays there so if you want to move
back you will have to call A at the end of B to transfer control back to
A and when you return you will find that all the variable need to be
reinitialised so you have to take care to pass on whatever values you
require here (which is again an issue)

I learn't many things there but I am more than glad to be back to Dbase.

The only thing which is advantageous there is the ability to access and
manipulate data from diverse locations or even over LAN. Single
connection string will connect you to the same data from anywhere in the
world all you need is the proper ip address of the server. Rest is taken
care by the server.

I hope I have been able to explain my experience properly.