Subject Re: Navigator on_mouseover
From Bob McKinney <>
Date Thu, 11 Jan 2018 21:47:27 -0500
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

HI Ken:  Thanks for the CB.  Guess I will just have to have a nimble pointer (grin)......Bob

>Ken Mayer Wrote:

> On 1/11/2018 9:42 AM, Bob McKinney wrote:
> > Hi All:  Using DB2.8 w/win/10.  In the Navigator, after I click on the comboBox arrow and the folder selection group appears, when I move the pointer over the folder name I wish to work with the name of that folder disappears.  How would I eliminate, or change, that mouseOver condition in the Navigator.  Any help appreciated.........Bob
> Unfortunately that is a problem that a) has been previously reported;
> and b) we can't do much about ... it's an interaction with dBASE and
> Windows 10 ... it needs to be resolved (it's in the current versions as
> well) ... but ...
> Ken
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