Subject Re: Run as Administrator problem
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Thu, 12 Oct 2017 08:29:48 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

>> Hi Charles,
>> I am also using Windows 10 with both 10 and 11 installed. I have no
>> problem in running any app but then I am the single user of the machine
>> hence there is just a single account.
>> I never had to run any app as an Administrator.
>> Please check the directory in which you are trying to save.
>> Program files / program files(x86) / Windows are some of the folders
>> where you could be having such problems.
>> If yes then change the working directory.
>> Regards
>> Akshat
> Akshat,
> The shortcuts used to work when selecting Run as Administrator.  They don't now.  To run plus.exe with Administrator privileges I have to go the BIN folder where the app is located and run it from there.  I have no idea why the shortcuts no longer load when selecting Administrator privileges.  Without Administrator privileges, I have read-only privileges.
> Charles

Hello Charles,
Are there multiple user accounts on your pc. If yes then try running
dbase from admin accounts otherwise I think this has something to do
with windows UAC. In that case I have no solution as I have not
encountered such errors.

By the way did you check in which directory you are trying to save. This
is crucial as windows will not allow you to save in program files???? /
windows and some other directories windows reserves for its own use and
are readonly by default.

Try saving in your documents folder.

Test 1

Type ?set('directory') in your command window to check your current
Use the navigator to change the directory to your documents folder.
use modi comm temp.txt to open a file type anything and try saving it.

Test 2
Type ?set('directory') in your command window to check your current
Use windows explorer to navigate to that directory
and try creating a new .txt file there.