Subject " ? " function not working
From Bob McKinney <>
Date Sat, 19 Aug 2017 15:40:14 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi A: Have been trying to add/edit my code at my shop using  db2.8  - w/7 on a peer to peer network.  
    I wrote the following code on my computer at home (not on a network) and it worked fine, both the " ? " function (displaying in the view section of the command window) and the code itself.  
    On the shop computer,  the " ? " would not display and I could not get the code itself to work.  Trying to run the edited code screwed up the network by changing the code at the beginning ( set procedure to Invoicedatamodulel.dmd  to invoicekdatamodule.dmo ).  As a result, the computer could not find a table.

[begin code sample]
   function EQUANTITY_onLostFocus
      local rs, mPrc,mQty,mNPrc,mFrt
      rs = form.InvoiceDataModule1.Lineitem1.rowset
      mQty = 0
      mPrc = 0
      mNPrc = 0
      mFrt = 0
      mPrc := rs.fields["price"].value
      mQty := rs.fields["Quantity"].value
? mPrc   " Price "     //Would not load or display
? mQty   " Qty "    // Same thing
      do case
       case rs.fields["Quantity"].value <2 and ;
           rs.fields["partNumber"].value = "TIP0-17"
            if rs.fields["Quantity"].value <2  // one
              rs.fields["Price"].value := (mPrc*2)              
[ End code sample]

Is the reason for this reaction because of the network?  I cannot understand it not working since I have edited code in years gone by w/out these problems.  Any help appreciated..........Bob