Subject Re: allowing user to change or add an alias
From Akshat Kapoor <>
Date Sat, 17 Jun 2017 17:43:03 +0530
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

On 17/06/2017 06:10, Charlie wrote:
> Hey.. Thanks very much.  I will study this!!
Hello Charlie,
After seeing all this discussion I am glad I am not using this.
Well every one has a liking for his/her own methods.
And I learn't mine the hard way of trial and error without the aid of
newsgroup like these, So even more attached to these. :-)

But there are certain aspects of the advise I received and skipped at
that time are being followed now.

Keep trying till you find the method most suited for you.

> Akshat Kapoor Wrote:
>> On 16/06/2017 04:16, Charlie wrote:
>>> Hi... I have been fooling with and am trying to allow the user of my software to change the path to the database.  I have set the procedure to (on open)  in a form I am using that has an entryfield defining the path that the user wants to use.  I am having trouble understanding how this works.  Could someone give me some guidance?
>>> Thanks!!
>> Hello Charlie,
>> I have not used
>> But I had at one time experimented with adding temprory alias.
>> I have not implemented it but did check it out.
>> The attached prg works fine. for testing just change the folder paths
>> and table names to the ones you have on your computer. If you have any
>> problem I can even send the tables to you.
>> The approach I use to avoid hard coding of database paths is slightly
>> different.
>> At the start of the program I declare a object and store the path of
>> database (this path is stored in a table in the program directory)as a
>> property of the object. Then in the datamodule I use this property as
>> part of the sql
>>     this.VATRATE = new QUERY(this)
>>     with (this.VATRATE)
>>        left = 138.0
>>        top = 19.0
>>        sql = 'select recno,tax,vat,sat from "' +
>>        active = true
>>     endwith
>> Hence I do not need database alias. Moreover path can be changed at will.
>> This can be achieved in the form also but the form designer evaluates
>> the expression and replaces the sql string with the evaluated string.
>> So I use datamodules which are seldom opened.
>> Regards
>> Akshat