Subject Re: ALIAS
From Mervyn Bick <invalid@invalid.invalid>
Date Tue, 16 May 2017 10:01:47 +0200
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On 2017-05-15 9:05 PM, Mustansir Ghor wrote:
> Dear Mervyn
> How to set up direct link of NNTP

You need to use an email program that supports NNTP feeds.  Some do,
some don't.  For instance Outlook Express does, Outlook doesn't.  I
don't use it but a quick look at Mail in Windows 10 appears not to
handle NNTP accounts. (Not surprising as Microsoft has stopped providing
NNTP in its latest server software.)

I use Mozilla Thunderbird but I have used Gravity, Free Agent, Outlook
Express and Opera Mail in the past.  There must also be others.

Every program has a different way to set up a newsgroup account so I
can't give you blow-by-blow instructions on how to do this.  You are
going to have to feel your way through the process.

In your email program find the place where you set up new accounts. Some
programs have New Accounts or Manage Accounts menu items, other hide it
away under Tools.  Mozilla shows Account Settings under Tools.

If your email program doesn't do NNTP download Mozilla Firefox and you
can see how to set it up in the attached screen shots.

In the new accounts option some show a newsgroup account. Mozilla, on
the other hand, shows  an Account Action button this in turn shows Add
Mail, Chat, Feed or Other account types.  Newsgroups are under Other.

Once you have got this far it's a matter of supplying the needed
details.  The server name is  (Some ask for input and
output servers. If so use the same name for both.)  You don't need a
username, a password or a secure connection.  The port is 119 which is
the default.

You will see from the screen shot that I have used an IP address as the
server name.  This was done a while back when the DNS server was giving
problems.  You can either use the IP address or the server name.  Te
server name is perhaps better because you won't have to make changes if
the news feed moves to a different server.

It is fairly normal practice NOT to include you email address.  I use
invalid@invalid.invalid while other include something like no_spam in
the address.  For the rest, use what suits you.