Subject Re: ALIAS
From Mustansir Ghor <>
Date Mon, 15 May 2017 15:05:48 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Dear Mervyn

How to set up direct link of NNTP


Mervyn Bick Wrote:

> On 2017-05-15 5:42 AM, AGOSTINHO wrote:
> > Dear Mervyn,
> > Thank you for your explanation, and the sample below.
> > I'm a old DBASE dos programmer and I'm trying to understand  the new way  of programming
> > in the DBASE PLUS.
> > Will study your example and will let you know if there is something else I don't understand.
> > Thanks
> You are welcome.  Programming for Windows is quite different to
> programming for DOS so there is a lot to learn.
> Ken Mayer's dBASE Book and the dBASE Tutorial are a good starting point
> and of course these newsgroups are always available.
> Ken's books and the tutorial are available from his website
> You should also get the dUFLP (dBase Users Function Library Project)
> from Kens website as it contains many useful pieces of code.
> Instructions for installing the dUFLP are on the website.
> If you don't get Ken's book you should at least read all the articles in
> the knowledgebase which you will find under Support on the dBase website.
> If you accessed the newsgroup via the link on the dBase website you will
> find it far more convenient to set up a direct NNTP link to the news
> server.  Your present email program may be able to do this otherwise
> programs such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Opera Mail, Gravity or Agent will
> do the job.
> The server name is and just use the default values for
> the rest.  No username, password or secure connection is required.
> Once the account is set up you will be presented with a list of
> newsgroups.  Select those that interest you and messages will be
> delivered to you just like email.
> Mervyn.