Subject Re: addalias error in deploying
From Heinz Kesting <>
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2017 23:07:36 +0200
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Charlie,

> Hi Heinz.. Yes nothing yet.  I guess I will update my dbase to 10.31.  Possibly that is the problem.  I hope.  Otherwise it is something that is not on the computer the first time until the setup is run the second time.  Leave it to me to get something like this!

Lucky you!!

To update to 10.3x should be free of charge for you as an owner of a
10.x version, I guess, so I wouldn't hesitate to do so.
By the way, how do you happen to deploy the 10.31 runntime files while
working with 10.2x? Not sure wether your issue is related to the runtime
difference, I'd rather say no, but ...

> But at least everything is working fine after the setup X 2!!!!

With all the joy about this success, one is still not satisfied until
EVERYTHING works as expected ...

> I'm going to fool with it for a little while.  If I don't get it resolved in a week I'll ask for the address for the new group.  Maybe I'll learn some more things trying to fix it!

What newsreader do you use, Thunderbird is mine, it seems to be
wide-spread around here in the dbase forums. I'm quite happy with it.

The server address is, there is a group called
'innosetup', and another called 'code'. The first one should be more
interesting for you. Surely, there'll be a lot to learn ... if you read
there, you'll be amazed what people do with their setups ... and the
problems they encounter on their way to happyness!

By the way, did you find your way into the 'watercooler', my 'cheering
up' is still waiting for you there (

I saw your post with the error messages at the end of the compiling
processs. All I see there does not really fit together, I get no idea
what would cause that.
Actually, these error messages are just hints, telling nothing more that
the code it mentions will never be executed, thus, it is not really needed.
However, in the script you posted I could NOT find the mentioned
"CDBPARAM" variable, the "I" isn't found in the script either, so I
wonder where there are, since somehow the compiler must have stumbled
across them, and produced its hint.
The word "Result" is appearing in the [Code] section, which is located
after the [EndOfScript]. In the actual script there is no link to this
[Code] section, so I would suggest to comment out the entire [Code]
section and recompile again.
(; is the commenting character for the INNO script, unlike the // or *
in dBase)
There is no big risk, if you run into a new error, simply undo the comments.
On the other hand, I have no idea where the line numbers given in the
error hints would refer to - the latest script I sent back to you has
just 204 lines if I open it in INNO, but here are numbers much higher
indicated, 284, 328, 783. Nothing rhymes.
Although it should do no harm to have code which would never get used,
I'd try to recompile the script without the [Code] section.

After all, there is another post in the Deployment group, which seems to
be addressed to Ken, I guess the poster refers to a section in one of
his books, maybe he'll take a look the other day, and replies to you as

Good luck and kind regards,