Subject Re: addalias error in deploying
From Charlie <>
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2017 16:26:05 -0400
Newsgroups dbase.getting-started

Hi Heinz... OK I fixed it.  Stupid me.  I had an {app} where a {tmp} should have been.  I still have the other other problem.  I am going to post it in the deployment section as there may be more eyes there.....

Heinz Kesting Wrote:

> Hi Charlie,
> > Hi... I've had this problem for the past couple of days.  Not sure what caused it to start happening.  In case the attachment doesn't come through the error message is unable to execute file \\\\temp\is-PGU8J.tmp\dbase_addalias.exe
> >
> > CreateProcess failed: code 2  The system cannot find the file specified.
> >
> > This pops up at the very end of the setup just before you get the option to open the program.
> >
> > Incidently as far as I can tell all of the coding problems I found that usually had something to do with the alias (close databases placed in a bad place) are fixed.  If I can get around this one I should be home free although on a virgin machine I still get the other hicup on a clean machine.
> >
> The TMP directory, where dBASE_AddAlias.exe is (or should be) copied to
> and run in, will be created only during the installation process and is
> deleted straight afterwards, when Setup.exe has finished. Here's an
> excerpt from a website for the directories used by INNO:
> {tmp}  Temporary directory used by Setup or Uninstall. This is not the
> value of the user's TEMP environment variable. It is a subdirectory of
> the user's temporary directory which is created by Setup or Uninstall at
> startup (with a name like "C:\WINDOWS\TEMP\IS-xxxxx.tmp"). All files and
> subdirectories in this directory are deleted when Setup or Uninstall
> exits. During Setup, this is primarily useful for extracting files that
> are to be executed in the [Run] section but aren't needed after the
> installation.
> [end of quotation]
> Since the file is not found at the expected location (that's what the
> error says), but this location is deleted after setup has finished, it's
> just the ISS file that can tell us what is going wrong.
> I wonder, if one could look at this directory during the setup process?
> In the very moment this error message has come up, the folder in
> question must still be present, so leaving the error message untouched
> and using a file explorer one should be able to search for the
> destination dir, where dBase_AddAlias.exe had been copied to. If you
> could find it, the actual folder that it has gone into could tell more
> about what is fawlty here.
> Please post the ISS script, from which the current setup.exe was
> compiled from, to have a look at the destination dirs.
> But please, be *sure* to post the *correct* ISS file, just the one that
> gave birth to the setup.exe which is bringing up this error.
> Kind regards, Heinz